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For a safe and longer stay in your home!

VITAL enables you to keep living at home as long as possible. It allows you to enjoy being at home with peace of mind and to do the things you feel like. It is also cheaper. VITAL gives you security and strengthens your autonomy.

patented CARE SET Plug & Play

VITAL at home - building blocks

Sensors with built-in alarm button

Portable alarm button

Care station with or without automatic listening/voice connection

Wireless audio sensors wherever you want

Brackets with double-sided stickers to mount the sensor wherever you want

Flexible sensor holder for under the bed

Building blocks

Unusual situations and calls are measured via wireless smart sensors with practical push buttons.

The VITAL set ensures a secure connection but also provides you with peace of mind. VITAL creates involvement with your own care network. The listening/voice connection ensures you can always be reached. You do not have to do anything by yourself. Simple enjoy.

Vital aan huis

CARE APP Realtime follow-up

The care app provides a clear view of the activity of the resident. You decide which activities and alarms must be followed up. The care app is immediately available, you do not have to download anything.

- Secure connection
- Tailor-made to suit the resident

CARE NETWORK Manage your network

VITAL is fully digital and can easily be linked to the alarm centre of your choice. The feedback is immediately saved with the handled alarm.

Via a notification for each alarm, you can directly monitor who took action and what the situation is. During each alarm, the listening/voice connection can be activated so you can quickly assess the seriousness of the situation. It is as simple as that. Everything is done automatically.

Care button

MOBILE ALARM BUTTON Brings peace of mind wherever you are

You may even bring the convenient buttons into the bath tub and they require no further maintenance. The battery is guaranteed to power the buttons for 2 years and the system notifies you in a timely manner when you need to replace the battery. By simple pressing the button, the care coordinator can activate the listening/voice function. You do not have to do anything by yourself. It is as simple as that.

CARE CLOCKSDay, week & month

The patterns and unusual situations become visible per day, week and month. This allows you to easily fine-tune the way you set the alarms.


Everywhere Simple and quick

The care set operates wireless and does not require an internet connection. All info is sent in real-time to your desired mobile device. Quick and simple plug & play system.

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Luister spreek verbinding

The listening/voice connection during an alarm also works everywhere. You do not require an extra telephone or subscription.

Respect for the resident With us, the dependant person always has the final say

  • Before any care set is activated, the consent form (Informed Consent) must be digitally approved.
Multiple displays with VITAL
Multiple displays with VITAL
  • The data is secured and is not shared with anyone else. Only the information on the care clocks is made available to the personal care network.
  • At any time, the resident can switch off the care station or enable its privacy mode. In the latter case, only pressing the push buttons will still be processed.
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