Smart solution capable of more than a personal alarm

VALERE consists of a mobile alarm button and a care station with the latest generation digital listening/voice connection. Smart sensors can be added afterwards.

VALERE at home Plug & Play

  • You start off with a convenient portable alarm button and can expand the system afterwards by adding smart sensors. Nothing is lost.
  • The cradle to hang the care station is the finishing touch.
  • Audio sensors can be added afterwards.

By simply pressing the button, your care network is automatically notified and the voice connection can be activated. You do not have to do a thing.

Vital aan huis

Thanks to audio sensors, people can contact you anywhere in your home

The care station with or without automatic listening/voice connection

CARE NETWORK Manage your network

VALERE is fully digital and can easily be linked to the alarm centre of your choice. The feedback is immediately saved with the handled alarm.

Via a notification for each alarm, you can directly monitor who took action and what the situation is. During each alarm, the listening/voice connection can be activated so you can quickly assess the seriousness of the situation. It is as simple as that. Everything is done automatically.


MOBILE ALARM BUTTON Brings peace of mind wherever you are

You may even bring the convenient buttons into the bath tub

VALERE at work

  • Perfect for service flats and residential care centres. It is fully compliant.
  • Wireless installation or conversion kits for wall mount are available. This allows you to position the alarm buttons with optimum comfort for the elderly.
  • The care platform can also manage messages of other alarm systems. You can even link them to a care centre of our choice.

How does VALERE work?

  • You only need to plug the adapter of your care station into a wall socket. VALERE will start up immediately. If you do not use a network cable, the mobile internet will be activated automatically.
  • You register online and set up your care network by yourself. It is as simple as that.

Respect for the resident With us, the dependant person always has the final say

  • Before any care set is activated, the consent form (Informed Consent) must be digitally approved.
Meerdere schermen met vital op
Meerdere schermen met vital op
  • The data is secured and is not shared with anyone else. Only the information about the alarms is made available to the care network.
  • At any time, the resident can switch off the care station or enable its privacy mode. In the latter case, only pressing the push buttons will still be processed.
Meerdere schermen met vital op